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Dr. Ingunn Johanne Ness

 Creativity & Innovation Specialist

How can organizations become more innovative?

How to lead creative processes?

How to stimulate creativity in teams?

What characterizes the creative knowledge processes that lead to innovation?

How to make group work succeed?

What underlying conditions must be present in a group to succeed with innovation?

Creativity as 21. Century Skills - how to stimulate creativity in education?

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The Room of Opportunity - is our philosophy and based on research conducted in innovative organizations.

It is also a model describing six phases of Innovative Idea development.

Creativity & Innovation is what we all strive for, both in schools and in industry. 

Our knowledge society is changing rapidly and organizations need to stay competetive in order to survive - also our young children need skills to cope in the 21. Century with new challenges, both social and global.

Creativity is an important skill.

Research shows that creativity&innovation do not happen "by coincidence" and that  there are ways to become more innovative!

So don´t miss the Opportunity to learn more..!

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If you like to learn more on how your organization can become more innovative, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Papers & Book chapters

Published papers:

Ness, I. J., & Søreide, G. E. (2014). The Room of Opportunity: Understanding phases of creative knowledge processes in innovation. Journal of Workplace Learning, 26(8), 545-560.


Ness, I. J., & Riese, H. (2015). Openness, curiosity and respect: Underlying conditions for developing innovative knowledge and ideas between disciplines. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 6(September 2015), 29-39. doi:

Ness, I. J. (2017). Polyphonic Orchestration: Understanding how leaders facilitate creative knowledge processes in multidisciplinary groups working with innovation. European Journal of Innovation Management.

Forthcoming papers:

Ness, I.J. and Thompson, I. (forthcoming): Exploring the Relational Zone of Development. Journal of Learning, Culture, and social Interaction.

Ness, I.J. and Dysthe, O. (forthcoming): Polyphonic Imagination: Understanding creative processes in multidisciplinary groups working with innovation. Creativity Research Journal.

Ness, I.J. and Egelandsdal, K. (in press): The STEPRE-model: Knowledge development in Higher education. Short paper for the Conference: Designs for Learning.

Ludvigsen, K. & Ness, I.J. (forthcoming): Writings on the wall: How the use of technology can open dialogical spaces in lectures. Thinking Skills and Creativity

Samuelsson, M.P & Ness, I.J. (in press): "How to turn democratic deliberations into productive processes of co-operation – a response to ”Deliberating public policy with adolescents”. Democracy & Education Journal.

Glaveanu, Hanson, Ness, Kaufman, Sawyer (forthcoming): A Sociocultural manifest.

Forthcoming book chapters:

Ness, I.J. (in press): Researching creativity in multidisciplinary groups working with developing innovative ideas. In Handbook of Re/Searching the Social in Creativity Research: Methods, Studies, and Reflections’. Palgrave Macmillan book series ‘Creativity and Culture’.

Ness, I.J. and Glaveanu, V. (in press): Polyphonic Orchestration: The dialogical dynamic of creativity.  In Dynamic Perspectives on Creativity: New Directions for Theory, Research, and Practice in Education.” Springer. 

Ness, I.J. & Egelandsdal. K. (forthcoming): Bakhtin og vårt kreative klasserom. In the antology:  Aktiv læring og lærelyst – Digitalisering og elevaktivitet i klasserommet. Fagbokforlaget.

Egelandsdal. K. & Ness, I.J. (forthcoming): Dewey and digital tools. In the antology:  Aktiv læring og lærelyst – Digitalisering og elevaktivitet i klasserommet. Fagbokforlaget.

Glaveanu, V., Ness, I.J., Lubart, T., Wasson, B. (in press). Sociocultural Perspectives on Creativity, Learning, and Technology. In Springer Series: “Creativity Theory and Action in Education” Series Editors, Ronald A. Beghetto & Bharath Sriraman

Glaveanu, V.P., Ness, I.J. Rasmussen, L.D. (forthcoming): Creative success in collaboration: Meaning, process, and context. In Creative Success in Teams. Ed. Roni Reiter-Palmon, James C. Kaufman, and Alexander McKay, Academic Press.

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2019: Co-editor: Antology, KLIM forlag, Dialogic Pedagogy, Creativity, and Learning

2018/2019: Co-editor: Special Issue in The Creativity Research Journal (Ed. Mark Runco)

2018 – (present) Section Editor for the Palgrave Encyclopedia of the Possible.

2017-10 – (present) Associate Editor: The European Journal of Psychology.

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