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Published papers:

Ness, I. J., & Søreide, G. E. (2014). The Room of Opportunity: Understanding phases of creative knowledge processes in innovation. Journal of Workplace Learning, 26(8), 545-560. doi:

Ness, I. J., & Riese, H. (2015). Openness, curiosity and respect: Underlying conditions for developing innovative knowledge and ideas between disciplines. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 6(September 2015), 29-39. doi:

Ness, I. J. (2017). Polyphonic Orchestration: Understanding how leaders facilitate creative knowledge processes in multidisciplinary groups working with innovation. European Journal of Innovation Management.

Forthcoming papers:

Ness, I.J. and Thompson, I. (forthcoming): Exploring the Relational Zone of Development. Journal of Learning, Culture, and social Interaction.

Ness, I.J. and Dysthe, O. (forthcoming): Polyphonic Imagination: Understanding creative processes in multidisciplinary groups working with innovation. Creativity Research Journal.

Ness, I.J. and Egelandsdal, K. (in press): The STEPRE-model: Knowledge development in Higher education. Short paper for the Conference: Designs for Learning.

Ludvigsen, K. & Ness, I.J. (forthcoming): Writings on the wall: How the use of technology can open dialogical spaces in lectures. Thinking Skills and Creativity

Samuelsson, M.P & Ness, I.J. (in press): "How to turn democratic deliberations into productive processes of co-operation – a response to ”Deliberating public policy with adolescents”. Democracy & Education Journal.

Glaveanu, Hanson, Ness, Kaufman, Sawyer (forthcoming): A Sociocultural manifest.

Forthcoming book chapters:

Ness, I.J. (in press): Researching creativity in multidisciplinary groups working with developing innovative ideas. In Handbook of Re/Searching the Social in Creativity Research: Methods, Studies, and Reflections’. Palgrave Macmillan book series ‘Creativity and Culture’.

Ness, I.J. and Glaveanu, V. (in press): Polyphonic Orchestration: The dialogical dynamic of creativity.  In Dynamic Perspectives on Creativity: New Directions for Theory, Research, and Practice in Education.” Springer. 

Ness, I.J. & Egelandsdal. K. (forthcoming): Bakhtin og vårt kreative klasserom. In the antology:  Aktiv læring og lærelyst – Digitalisering og elevaktivitet i klasserommet. Fagbokforlaget.

Egelandsdal. K. & Ness, I.J. (forthcoming): Dewey and digital tools. In the antology:  Aktiv læring og lærelyst – Digitalisering og elevaktivitet i klasserommet. Fagbokforlaget.

Glaveanu, V., Ness, I.J., Lubart, T., Wasson, B. (in press). Sociocultural Perspectives on Creativity, Learning, and Technology. In Springer Series: “Creativity Theory and Action in Education” Series Editors, Ronald A. Beghetto & Bharath Sriraman

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