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Keynote in Geneva (December 6th 2019)

Presenting at the International Symposium: The Real-World Impact of Creativity in Education, Organisations, and Society

Creativity is undeniably one of the buzzwords of the 21stcentury. It gained a prominent role in educational policy, business strategy, marketing campaigns, recruitment plans, political activism and beyond. And yet the question remains of what exactly we mean by creativity in all these contexts. More than this, what is the real-world impact of our definitions, theories, and practices of creativity in the life of students and teachers, in organisations, and in society at large? If creativity is the ‘force for good’ we imagine it to be, what can we learn from its application in different key domains and areas of our collective life?

This international symposium explores the real-world impact of creativity in education, organisations and society with a focus on a) how creativity is understood and practiced in these different contexts; b) what we can learn about the creative process from considering these domains; and c) how we can assess and critically reflect on the role and value of creativity in the 21stcentury. We debate these themes with the help of international experts through keynotes, paper presentations, and panel discussions. 

This symposium is the third edition of a long-term collaboration between the WCCI and SLATE, including a first event on creativity, learning and technology, and a second event on interdisciplinarity. 


Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (WCCI), Webster University Geneva & 

Centre for the Science of Learning and Technology (SLATE), University of Bergen


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